Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you read through out terms before booking or attending our classes.
If you have any questions about these terms, please get in touch with us.

  1. All Students who attend Classes/Trial Classes at Dance for Life! must enrol via the online booking form prior to attending their first Class – Enrol at danceforlife.net.au/enrol-now/
  2. 2020 Registration Fee [$25 GST inclusive] is to be paid once Class Enrolment is confirmed.
  3. Classes are invoiced each NSW School Term and are due by the 2nd Week of each Term. 2020 Term Fees are due by Thursday 13 February [1st Term], Thursday 14 May [2nd Term], Thursday 30 July [3rd Term] and Thursday 22 October [4th Term].
    • Late Fees of 10% of outstanding invoices will be added weekly to overdue accounts until payment is finalized.
    • Term Fee Payment Plans are available and must be finalized by the end of the 1st Week of each Term. Those dates for 2020 are by 6 February, 7 May, 23 July and 15 October. It is up to you, the Child’s Guardian, to contact accounts@danceforlife.net.au to make payment plan arrangements.
  1. Service NSW Active & Creative Kids Vouchers can be used as part payment towards your Term Fees. As per Service NSW Guidelines, once the voucher has been claimed, no refund is allowable under any circumstances.
  2. Communication is important! In 2020 Dance for Life! will have a ‘Closed Facebook Group’ [separate to our Public Facebook Page] as well as our Team App page for our Families on which announcements will be made. Follow Up Emails/Texts may also occur, but please check the Facebook Page for updates. You can also advise us via the Facebook Page if your child is running late/missing class, or if you have any queries.
  3. Missed & Cancelled Classes – if your child misses their regular class, you are welcome to attend another class on a different day. There are no refunds for classes the child does not attend. When Dance for Life! cancels a class, an alternative Day/Time will be offered to make up this Class. If Dance for Life! is unable to offer an alternative Class, you will be refunded for the cancellation.
  4. Cancelling your Dance for Life! Enrolment – all Enrolments are Annual by Calendar Year. If you withdraw your Child from Dance for Life! , 2 weeks’ notice must be sent to accounts@danceforlife.net.au by the end of Week 8 of each term. These dates for 2020 are 27 March, 19 June and 11 September. Withdrawal from Dance for Life! after these dates will incur a Fee equivalent to 2 weeks of the cancelled dance lessons.
  5. Apart from Dance Play Junior, all Classes are ‘closed’. We have special ‘Viewing Weeks’ in the last week of 1st & 2nd Term each year, when you are invited to watch your child’s dancing progress.
  6. Dancewear – To achieve the most from each dance class, students are required to wear correct dancewear, have their hair neatly secured off their face with pins/headband in either a bun or ponytail, and wear minimum jewelry [studs/small earrings are allowed]. This is also a safety requirement. Dance for Life! has all dancewear/dance shoes available either new or second-hand; there is also a dance shoe exchange program available.
  7. Health & Safety – Dance is a Physical as well as an Artistic activity. There will be times in class when Teachers are required to touch your child to assist them with how to move their body. All Staff at Dance for Life! have current NSW Working With Children Checks, First Aid Certificates and have completed or are in the process of completing Australian and/or International Dance Teacher Certification.