What to bring

All dancers must bring a clearly labelled bag with extra hair spray, gel, hair elastics, bobby pins, and safety pins. Please ensure any medication is packed and clearly labelled with instructions.

Makeup must also be packed and clearly labelled as well as your dance shoes, stockings, socks and dance underwear. Don’t forget your costumes too! These are best hung on coat hangers and protected in a costume bag that is clearly labelled. If you wish to bring a portable costume rack, please ensure you enquire first as backstage space is quite limited.

We strongly recommend packing all your items in a clear plastic container with a lid and dancers name clearly marked.

Food and drink

Costumes are easily ruined by food and drink stains so care must be taken. Students are not permitted to leave backstage area so please pack enough food and drink for the entire time. It is important they have something nutritious ( no sugar ) to keep their energy up as well as something that won’t stain – this means NO fast food, cheese snacks, chips, etc.

STRICTLY NO nuts or nut products!

Dancers also need to bring their own labelled water – NO soft drink, cordial, poppers or juice as it stains the costumes. This is for the photo, rehearsal and showcase day.

 Dancers are discouraged from bringing any valuables including phones, iPods, iPads and laptops as the venue and studio will not take responsibility for any items lost, damaged or stolen.


If your child requires medication, please ensure it is left with the check-in desk clearly labelled with child’s name, dosage and time taken.

To purchase a costume bag
head to 🔗 danceforlifeaus.square.site