Rehearsal Day


For an outline of dates, times, and locations for Rehearsal Day, please head to the homepage ( found in the menu above under “START HERE” ).

You can also add the events calendar to your phone by clicking the purple button on your homepage underneath the map.

Here at Dance for Life!, dress and technical rehearsals are a super important part of preparing for our showcase. This is where we get to see the costumes working to really compliment the dances you or your children have been working so hard on throughout the year.

This gives us a chance to make any adjustments and ensure that everyone has time to get ready between their dances. We can see if any costumes are missing hairpieces or need to be taken in to get that perfect fit.

Even more importantly, it gives the stars of our show a chance to get up and rehearse the big show in a very different environment than they are used to within class. This helps some dancers overcome the jitters that may hit when the bright lights come on and really prepare themselves for the show ahead. It is a fun and rewarding experience and a great chance to spend time with their friends and watch some inspiring dancers as they wait for their turn in the spotlight.

Please bring all costumes, hair and makeup items for the showcase on both rehearsal and photo day. This includes hairspray, bobby pins, bun pins, hairnets, stockings, socks, hair ties and safety pins.

All costume and clothing items must be clearly labelled and children are asked to bring a healthy lunch and/or snacks with a bottle of water – all labelled with your child’s full name. Our staff and volunteers will ensure that children are reminded to drink water regularly and to eat their lunches or snacks at the allocated time. 

Parents and staff members who are volunteering to help at the showcase will also need to be available for dress rehearsal to ensure they understand their roles and can see how everything will be run for the showcase.

We do not allow any photographs or videos to be taken by anyone other than our allocated staff or helpers in the designated staged area only. We also ask that no photographs or recording devices are to be used in any area used for changing.

You are allowed to take candid photographs in your own time outside the allocated area/venue.

If taking a photograph of other children, please ensure you have permission from their parent or guardian before doing so. Never take a photo of or share a photo of another child on social media unless you have permission.

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