Policies & Procedures

As always, the safety of our dance family is our #1 priority. When students arrive at the rehearsal, photo, and showcase day they are to be signed in by a parent or guardian, and must be signed out when it is time to leave.

Students are not permitted to leave the venue while the rehearsal, photo, and showcase day is running. No student is to leave the backstage/designated area during interval, no exceptions unless otherwise directed by the showcase director.

Only Dance for Life! staff and approved parent helpers are permitted backstage. We are unable to run messages or food to students, so please make sure they have everything before they come backstage for rehearsal, photo, and showcase day.

Please try not to bring anything valuable, especially electronic devices. Mobile phones are not to be taken backstage or in the changing areas during the showcase. Our studio and the venue will take no responsibility if an item is damaged, misplaced, lost, or stolen.

Private videography and photography of the showcase performance are strictly prohibited for both child protection reasons and copyright. We will have professionals attending on the day to provide these services for us leaving you free to sit back and enjoy the show in the moment!

Explicit language, inappropriate attire, offensive clothing, and criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

Consuming alcohol and smoking are not permitted in the venue, and we ask that smoking is restricted to an area away from others.

ALL students are to have their names marked off when they arrive at the venue. If your child has any medical conditions that may require attention whilst in our care or is carrying any medication with them, please notify our supervisors when you sign in. All dancers are to arrive with their hair and makeup done. Costumes are NOT to be worn to and from the venue.

When being picked up, all children need to be signed out of the venue by their parent/guardian. Please avoid asking your child to meet you outside the venue or in the car park as a parent/guardian has to be seen for you to pick them up. If someone else is picking your child up, you need to advise the supervisors upon drop-off/sign-in and provide their contact details.

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