General Information


For an outline of dates, times, and locations for Showcase Day, please head to the homepage ( found in the menu above under “START HERE” ).

You can also add the events calendar to your phone by clicking the purple button on your homepage underneath the map.

The opportunity to perform in a showcase is an exciting, empowering, and confidence-building part of the training process. This is where we love to watch our students learn about the theatre, rehearsals, and teamwork while they enjoy the opportunity to showcase their skills in a professionally run production.

Our showcase program is a wonderful way for students to perform the results of their hard work and for family and friends to join in the pride of their achievement. We love giving all students the chance to perform for their family and friends in a supportive and fun environment, whilst encouraging even our youngest and newest performers to be involved. It is presumed that all students will be participating in our Showcase program and will be invoiced for the costs outlined in this handbook – If there is a conflict resulting in your child being unable to perform at the showcase on the date and time provided in this handbook, please let us know so we can make amendments to the class routines involving them by submitting this form.

It is very important that students limit how often they miss their scheduled classes between now and showcase time so they can spend their rehearsal time together to perfect their routines, feel confident, and look amazing. If your child is injured for class but able enough to come and watch, this is preferable to missing out altogether.

If for any reason your child will miss any of their regular classes in Term 3 or 4, we ask that you contact us on 0402 694 541 to let us know in advance. Please note that unfortunately any families with unpaid dance or costume fees will not be allowed to participate in our showcase.

This is without a doubt the highlight of our year and we are overly excited to show you how hard our dancers have been working!