Class Styles

We offer a range of dance styles across our classes as well as covering all age ranges. In addition to traditional styles, we cater for other interests with our more creative Dance Play classes and Boy Zone classes for male-oriented styles.

Adult Classes

It’s never to late to start dancing!  Our Adult program offers a wide variety of classes for all levels including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz/Hip Hop and Tap. Whether you are looking for a way to get fit, workout, learn a new style, improve posture, balance, muscle strength, flexibility or simply have fun!

Dance for Life! has a class for everyone!

We offer Adult Classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz/Hip Hop & Tap, with flexible class package options


Ballet is beautiful to watch and develops children’s posture and poise, resulting in positive self-awareness and confidence.  The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) training programme ensures that students learn progressively, building on their knowledge & ability as they grow.  At Dance for Life!  they also have a lot of fun, role-playing their dance one minute, working hard the next in a friendly group environment.  Students also have the option to work towards ballet examinations with the RAD.


Boyzone – definitely no girls allowed! – is a chance for boys to learn together.  We focus on developing strength & flexibility whilst learning male-oriented moves in a friendly environment.  The dance styles taught encompass jazz/hip hop & tap/street tap.


We work with the Jason Winters Contemporary program – its technique and structure is designed in the most classical and academic way yet is infused with the choreographic electricity that you see in today’s commercial dances. Students will experience the fundamentals of movement, how to use gravity, suspension & release as well as developing creative expression and musicality.

Dance Play (ages 2 to 5)

Dance is an important part of every child’s development. In Dance Play classes children will be encouraged to use their faces and all parts of their bodies as self-expression and to imitate living and non-living objects. It’s great fun way to enhance your child’s creative and motor development.


Hip Hop is an energetic form of dancing that allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement and self expression. Its s style that comes from the soul and goes with the beat and rhythm of urban hip hop music.


We offer classes in Jazz for children from the age of 4 years. We utilise the Comdance syllabus which features routines from some of Australia’s leading artists. It is technically challenging and a great preparation in all styles of jazz to meet today’s performance demands. Examinations are also an option in this genre.


We offer classes in tap dance from the age of 4 years to Adults. The Comdance Tap syllabus, created by Sandra Breen OAM, is a complete training programme with an emphasis on fun and technique in the younger levels, progressing to more complex and contemporary styles of tap with exercises and routines by Jack Chambers, Rennie Ann Martini, Keith Hawley and Chris Jordan who are all very experienced, well-respected tappers & choreographers. Examinations are available in this genre.