To keep costs at a minimum, we provide all showcase costumes to our students at a HIRE FEE with the option to purchase for an additional cost. 

Costume hire is included in your term tuition and is priced at $33.00* per class routine. Dancers are able to purchase additional pack items to enhance their showcase experience as outlined on the Showcase Costs page.

Once you have paid your FULL Showcase Fees, you may collect your costumes once they have arrived from the studio to be brought to dress rehearsals, photo and showcase day. 

Costumes must be returned to the studio in their original bag clearly labelled at the conclusion of the showcase. 

Caring for your costumes

Please do not attempt to wash or remove stains from any hired costume as they will be laundered. If your costume does get stained, please notify the studio immediately for us to have a look and attempt to fix the problem. Unfortunately any damage or staining to hired costumes once they have been collected will result in a $10.00 cleaning charge per item.

Additional Items

Shoes, stockings and under garments

Each student will receive a pdf download for each costume outlining the required additional items. Below is an outline of what will be required ( sometimes some costumes do not require stockings for the females ).

At the beginning of Term 4, orders for additional costume items will be taken via the online store link provided below.

We undertsand the end of year is busy for parents and so wish to create ease throughout the Showcase period.


Ballet flats with elastic ( pointe shoes for Seniors w/ribbons )

– Dansez Vous Theatrical Pink ballet stockings


– Black slip-on jazz shoes ( no laces )

Dansez Vous Tanned stockings ( boys not required stockings )


– Black tap shoes w/buckles ( boys & adults with laces )

– Dansez Vous Tanned stockings ( boys not required stockings )


– Black or white plain sneaks OR joggers

– Dansez Vous Tanned stockings

– Black or white ankle socks


– Lyrical shoes

– Studio 7 Capri Tanned stockings ( if required )


– Bare feet

– Studio 7 Capri Tanned stockings ( if required, boys not required stockings )

Underwear must be skin-coloured and must not be visible underneath you or your child’s costume.

Please ensure you or your child wear showcase underwear to photo and rehearsal day so we can ensure it is appropriate.

All shoes and stockings must be free from markings and clean as new. Tap shoes must be polished with black shoe polish.

When purchasing stockings please note; when you first open a packet of new stockings, they will look too small … they stretch!

To purchase additional items needed
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